Are you having a headache with old objects? How to “handle” them in the most concise and smart way? Don’t worry Prestige will tell you 6 ways to decorate your home by using old family objects. Don’t wait any longer to discover it.​

     1.    Books are not just for reading​

The books that you no longer use now have another very interesting use, did you know? That is ​the interior​ of your house. Try using them to fill an empty space in the house, or a messy corner of tangled wires. Books that are intentionally artistically arranged to create a fresher look.

      2.    The glass bottle is the highlight of the roomBeautiful home space​ brings uniqueness from the glass bottles that you don’t use, why not? The glass bottles have beautiful colors, stand out with many different sizes arranged in a reasonable way will create a unique feature for your room. A small collection of glass bottles of the same color used as flower vases will contribute to the attraction of your room.

     3.    Large blanket or towel​Decorate your home with ​wood furniture ​makes your home more luxurious. What if you decorate the chair with an old blanket with a prominent color? It doesn’t matter if the blanket is torn or not, just fold it up, choose the side you think is the best, then fix it to the chair with an elastic band, so we have a really good new mattress. As for the bedroom, placing a brightly colored towel at the end of the bed is enough to make the room less monotonous.​

     4.    Decorate new picturesYou have beautiful paintings, photos, or simply a poster with a striking color scheme that suits the room but are afraid of having to be elaborately framed or glued on the wall to affect the paint. Why not try to make use of a nice wooden clip hanger? Simple, convenient, and easy to change pictures every day.

     5.    Warm family photosDon’t let the old family photos just lie dormant in the old album on the shelf. Choose the image you like, nest all the available desktop frames, then paint them in the same color to create a correlated overall look, then arrange them cleverly. So the nostalgic corner bearing the imprint of the owner in the house has been completed.​

     6.    Decorate your workspace with textured paper

Don’t know what to do with the leftovers of textured wallpaper? Just wrap them up in document boxes and desk bookshelves, and you’ve completed the artistic soul of the workspace to become less dry and boring.

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