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Bohemian interior design is best known as Nomad, embodying the spirit of people with a liberal, creative lifestyle and always discovering themselves through travel. So what if you bring Bohemian into your own living space?

Like a nomad’s hut.


Because it is known for being liberal and highly personal, almost the interior style often depends on the owner. However, there are still certain common points that you will notice that every space uses wooden furniture, combining interior decorations with sophisticated textures, adding a little green with a few green accents trees.


When entering the Bohemian style space, you are immersed in a mysterious but cozy world. Cute little items are placed all over the room along with a few pictures on the wall. The light from the decorative lights sparkles around the room, suitable for poetic souls.

Painting from the wall tapestry

What makes Bohemian special are the paintings embroidered into large tapestry hanging on the wall; Or put it on the floor to make the space more mysterious and magical. The rickshaw, the nomad’s hut, the vast field, the wild liberal with a great passion for the mysteries of life are things we often see in movies. Prestige will bring you the most authentic feelings in a creative way.

Besides; The function of the carpets in the interior is quite diverse and new to the Vietnamese market. They offer homeowners a new way of life; fresh and always walking to change yourself; the freedom to do what you want.

There is no end to creativity

Bohemian interior design style promotes creativity; as well as discover your own limits. Besides; Bohemian is also an affirmation for: Whatever you are, creativity; youth in soul is always beside you; as a companion to discover unique aspects; but only Bohemian makes a highlight for itself.

Through Bohemian style, ​​Prestige Interior want to send readers a meaningful message: Now is not the time to stop on the path of self-renewal. We just need to change the way we look at life; then a new door with a brighter future is waiting for us.

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