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You can easily fall in love with a color influenced by the latest world favorite that has been ranked high for years. Blue is always at the top of the list of the most popular colors for interior design ideas. Be it a smart nursery, kids room, bedroom, living room or kitchen – blue works with a variety of styles and themes. Combining blue with the trendy flair of gray raises its cool factor to a whole higher level! Smart, luxury, light, gray and blue are the perfect color combination for a modern elegant bedroom.

Wooden bedroom design ideas; The bed frame brings gray to the Scandinavian bedroom with blue tones.

One of the many reasons for the popularity of these individual colors is the variety of colors and shades they offer. Gray can act as a gentle neutralizer and an accent color in a room while blue can play the role of a protagonist and also support other colors as easily as together. This offers a multitude of possibilities to work with. Shiny, sophisticated and always on trend, here are 15 gorgeous gray and gray bedrooms to fall asleep in.


It is the traditional white and blue that unleash the magic of the sun; Like going down a different road this summer; replacing white in this case with gray would be more interesting. Besides giving a marine or seaside style bedroom a refreshing look; Replacing white with gray gives you great decorating freedom and the chance to try newer shades of blue.

In fact, you can fill the background with light gray and maybe just a bit of white and use tones of blue or purple for a more visual impact. From quilts and bedding to complete bedroom furniture made in blue, the gray background makes it easy to switch between colors effortlessly.

Beach style bedroom with a light gray backdrop and stylish blue accents.

prestige-xay-dung-noi-that-uy-tinModern seaside-style bedroom in gray and blue.

Small beach style bedroom with light gray walls and beautiful blue curtains.

Blue-grey provides the perfect setting for a fun beach bedroom.


You are not sure about blue or gray; which you want to use in your modern bedroom? How about gray blue! Yes, bringing together the two most popular colors; This is the color that has made huge waves in the decoration of the world for some time. It can be used to create a cool scene; attractive but also feels elegant. Let’s combine with the decoration style; and accessories in dark shades of gray or light blue; and you have a stylish bedroom that can also be adapted adaptively. This is a color especially suitable for bedrooms ​Scandinavia​ modern, thanks to its gleeful, glamourous appeal.

Different shades of blue and gray blend elegantly inside the bedroom.

Light gray replaces white in this masculine bedroom paired with blue.

A bit of trendy chic for the small bedroom in blue and gray.


Don’t be afraid to combine a third color with gray and blue in the bedroom. This doesn’t have to be white as both blue and gray can create a neutral environment and allow other colors to shine through. A splash of red or orange looks great in a seaside bedroom, while red or pink can enthrall kids. Yellow is a great choice in​ Bedroom​ with light gray and blue as it lends a sunny charm while brown can give a space a more masculine finish.

Great kids’ bedroom in gray and blue.

Gray and blue combined with deep pink highlight in this bedroom design idea.

Subtle tropical bedroom in light blue and dignified gray.


Darker shades of gray can also be used in small bedrooms; to create a more vibrant and masculine space. Once you go down this route, make sure that the rest of the room remain undisturbed and as neutral as possible with the blues. In the bedroom; everything from pillows; bedspreads can all be used to add color and change trends; you can even stay away from blue and apply a completely different color.

The floor lamp and the gray accent pillow in the bedroom have blue as the main color.

Ví dụ: Đèn chiếu sàn và gối nhấn mang màu xám của phòng ngủ có màu chủ đạo là xanh.
Small bedroom in blue and gray colors.

Gray modern bedroom with bright blue accents.

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