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With the main interior design tone is gray; With the twinkling lights illuminating the scene extremely beautiful. The hidden corners of the house are embellished with decorative paintings; with luxurious furniture; creating a beautiful and extremely sophisticated space.

Living room

The living room is ​design and construction​ the mezzanine floor creates a novelty and uniqueness, different from the usual living room design, which is located in the main hall. The living room is furnished in an innovative way based on the coastal architecture of the Vietnamese people.

In addition, the living room also uses wood materials to create accents for the space to be more cozy and lively.

Dining Room

Entering the house, the dining room is designed in a neat and modern way. Using wood materials combined with modern gray tones, helps to create a harmonious space. Use green plants to make items ​interior​ it is a perfect choice. It makes the dining space more cozy, close to nature.

There is one more detail that cannot be ignored, which is the lighting system arranged along the stairs going up to the delicate living room and creating the luxury of the house more magnificent.

The kitchen is designed in common with the dining room, with materials that create familiarity and the arrangement of kitchen items neatly and the space is generally ready to accompany housewives to cook delicious meals for the family.


The bedroom is designed with a large door frame to help receive a lot of light from outside. In addition, wood paneling creates synchronization for the interior rooms in the house.

Not only that, the bedroom furniture is also carefully cared for; Do not leave too many redundant details to make the room more airy and comfortable.
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