NewsEclectic Design Styles: The border between Contrast & Chaos

In the interior design style eclectic; is an explosive “party” of seemingly opposing elements; suitable for owners who have taste & love boldness.

Let’s see Phu My Hung & ​​Prestige Interiors Construction​ “taste” the spices harmoniously through the design style of 𝑬𝒄𝒍𝒆𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒄 – the third fully furnished apartment at 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐏𝐄𝐀𝐊

Smooth interference between Asia – Europe & past – present.

Carefully select each unique feature of each style to complement; add value to each other. The system of moldings of round arches; the familiar styles of door panels or gold emulsion of the Western classics; combined with graceful curves; the stylization of Asian crafts such as lacquer; straw painting; glazed ceramic…

Balance between function – aesthetics

Change & move the entire technical system (according to feng shui calculations to ensure the health factor. Functional layout of dining area combined with kitchen island in the center position; creating a wide and open traffic path; Optimal seating for family parties. Wall cabinet system; Smart shelves increase the storage area of utensils…

Each space corner of 𝑬𝒄𝒍𝒆𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒄 has a story in it.

With apartment layout view 24th floor high floor Sakura Park & Ca Cam line; Phu My Hung and Prestige decided to go for a transformative eclectic design style.

The two words “eclectic” are of Ancient Greek origin; means “chosen”. Refers to free thinking to choose & synthesize many design styles; Different ideas into each specific case.

Stepping through the door is a space of 123m2 with 3 bedrooms divided into reasonable functions.

The layout of the dining area combined with the kitchen island is in the central position; to create an open road.

The ability to use the dining table is optimized, sitting 10 people comfortably when having a family party.

Built-in dry storage cabinets increase the functionality of the kitchen area.

Kitchen cabinet system combines classic & modern

Symmetrical, equal-sized cabinet doors are broken with asymmetrical motifs, staggered together. Decorative wine display cabinets, wine coolers imported from Italy.

The kitchen wall is made of glazed ceramic material, inspired by the Bat Trang ceramics village, but has a bold Asian propeller pattern.

The sink is made of monolithic stone, imported directly from Greece, which is resistant to scratches, strong impacts or grease adhesion.

Advanced kitchen system with large capacity negative exhaust fan design, imported from Italy.

Smart home appliances such as AI-powered refrigerators combined with touch screens, microwave ovens and ovens…

Right in the center of the dining room is a console cabinet with a large dark glass array, creating accents and depth for the whole space, reflecting the delicate lines of the ceiling molding system).

“A walk” between the past and present epochs

Symmetrical, perpendicular, classic slats and serrated curved ceiling with modern features.

The curved segments must be molded at the construction site to get the most seamless, accurate, and printed with the finished plaster ceiling. At the same time, calculate the displacement within the permission of the fire detector to both satisfy the technical and aesthetic safety factors.

The back wall of the sofa simulates the Japanese art of straw painting, with sanded yellow tones creating a paper-like effect. Combined with a hand-drawn painting inspired by Sakura Park. Some cherry blossoms are painted with silver emulsion to create a light-catching effect.

Asymmetrical TV wall helps to visually balance the whole living room area. Elaborately made from multi-tiered marble.

Gray-brown marble was selected so that the stone’s natural & beautiful veins harmonize with the furniture, surrounding paint colors & especially highlight the brick background color of the completed project.

Furniture is designed & manufactured separately, limiting the use of ready-made furniture in the market, to create a unique feature that is only available in the apartment.

Paint colors are selected & tested at the construction site to get the standard color system for the whole house, from wall paint, decorative effect paint, furniture paint, etc.

The bedrooms have bench seats; or bed next to the window to get the full view of the park; The poetic Ca Cam river of Midtown.

Wardrobe with full-length mirror; bedside cabinets, desks combined with makeup; bookshelves in the rooms.

The combination of many wood and fabric materials, only gold emulsion paint & smooth flat paint panels on the same wardrobe door requires very skilled craftsmen & long-term experience in charge.

The headboard does not use wallpaper; which directly pastes high-quality fabrics, increasing the luxury of the space.

Dark stylized glass dome; combined with symmetrical moldings to create an interesting highlight for the master room. At the same time, reflect the view from the balcony.

The arch of the entrance to the master bedroom dressing room is raised and stylized with a subtle pattern.

Smart curtains, can be adjusted automatically via remote.


Logia area has cabinets for ironing, water tanks & houseplants,… The washing machine and dryer are built into the full ceiling cabinet system.

There is a wash basin; wide stone countertops for food preparation and preparation; support for the main kitchen inside the house.


The balconies are decorated with shelves for outdoor decorative plants. Create beautiful little gardens, suitable for enjoying tea, reading books or watching sunrise & sunset.

“A shirt can only look its best when it fits and makes the wearer feel most comfortable.” Phu My Hung with ​​Prestige there has been an adjustment and calculation of every detail so that Eclectic is not only beautiful, but also optimally functional.”

6th Floor 42/34 Hoàng Diệu
Ward 12, District 4, Hochiminh City.


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