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A miniature resort just for you – Believe it? Let Prestige discover unique interior design ideas with you; Please help me to renovate my balcony.

Get a hammock as a resort.

A hammock attached to the balcony is a perfect idea for those who like to enjoy the view alone. In addition, you can also arrange large wooden plank walls close together, with small decorative furniture to create a relaxing and bold space of your own. The night view in the city is a wonderful sight to behold. Sip a cup of tea and watch the sunset.

Ý tưởng thiết kế nội thất giúp cải tạo ban công nhà bạn 02

Ý tưởng thiết kế nội thất giúp cải tạo ban công nhà bạn 01

Green garden for living space.

You can also arrange hanging planters on the balcony to form green walls to help re-condition the air for your family. In particular, you should choose tropical plants, sun-loving or fragrant flowers such as lavender, lily of the valley, etc. to help fill the space with natural fragrance.

Ý tưởng thiết kế nội thất giúp cải tạo ban công nhà bạn 06


If the host is a busy person; but still want to plant trees; then you should plant varieties that like sunlight and don’t need to be watered as much as cacti; Stone lotus will be a good choice.

Ideal reading place

Are you afraid of crowded libraries? Are you someone who likes quiet but prefers a unique space? Prestige​1​°Bet you’ll love small spaces as you get interior design ideas from our experts.

Paint color, layout is completely suitable for each individual. Immerse yourself in your own unique space, read a book you love. This is how you enjoy life.


The ideal reading place for poetic souls

In conclusion, it will be a waste if we do not use our balcony to make a functional space for ourselves and enrich the beauty of your home. Interior Construction​– ​Prestige wish you luck in placing your wish for a dream balcony as suggested by Prestige.

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