NewsLight design ideas for homes without windows

Lighting design ideas with​ limited land area as at present; very few families can design all rooms with ventilation windows; especially apartment buildings. Prestige Interior Construction Company​ Tell you 4 tips to help brighten your home.

Choose light colors for the house.

You should choose the main color for the house is light color. For example, the wall should be painted white or cream; light green or light orange. The best carpets and floor tiles should also use light tones; Match the wall color. The interior design experts of ​​Prestige use the element of contrast; Combine interior decoration with bolder colors as the highlight of your home.

Choose the right lamp.

We will use artificial light; for houses without natural light from windows. Chandeliers are probably the choice of many families. However; Using chandeliers has two major problems: insufficient projection; and takes up space for houses with small spaces. To overcome this drawback; Prestige recommends using recessed lights on the ceiling to save space; but still light enough to use but no less luxurious. Or you can decorate more wall lights if not bright enough.

Mold should not be allowed.

Keep the house clean and beautiful; Neatness is remarkable to make your home brighter. Do you know; for houses without windows, the room is quite mysterious; not well ventilated; susceptible to moisture. Remember that when fixing the room yourself; Need to kill mold and use waterproof paint. You should also check the quality of the floors and walls regularly after every prolonged rain.

Plant more trees.

Decorate your house; by planting trees that are both good for your health and beautify your home. Of course; Not all plants can survive in a dark room. You should choose shade-loving plants; easy to live like a lucky bamboo; ivy; water taro; Cactus; sansevieria trifasciata… The combination of green plants when decorating the house creates a beautiful and full of green space.

These are the suggestions from Prestige to bring to you. Every design from Prestige is based on function and health benefits; as well as creating an ideal space for every Vietnamese family. With a team of professionals and dedicated to the profession; Prestige always brings customers the most perfect products. Fun; the happiness of every family is the guideline that Prestige always aims for. We have seen happy smiles; and the satisfaction of many customers when receiving back from Prestige their living space. A living space where that place; Prestige has released the owner’s soul with all his heart; talent; his love when coming to the profession. 

House is not simply a home but also a place to cultivate the seeds of happiness. Prestige is a prestigious brand of Construction and Interior Design; always towards the value of happiness through every small corner of the house.

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