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We’re always looking for more space design ideas to work with home decor or plan a new space. For some reason, as a limitation we seem to be constantly lacking in both space and time! On the other hand, it helps when you can bring the cut decoration back to use, multi-function or even disappear into the wall when not needed.

In the case of bedrooms, usually Murphy beds (hidden beds), loft beds (bed raised above the floor, without legs or short legs, attached to the wall or ceiling) and sliding cabinet doors to save space time. But every little detail from the arrangement of the bed to the lighting can transform a small room into a seemingly spacious setting.

 Creative and space-savvy bedside table with ample storage room

Create a ​bedroom modern with space (it costs to decorate cleverly, whether small or large bedroom) is as much about smart planning and organization as it is about the right furniture. Too much focus is often on decorating more space when you could do more with existing bedroom furniture. From a simple alteration of the bed’s position with the light opening up in a visual sense of light, here are 12 ideas for small modern bedrooms.

Reasonable bed arrangement

A small efficient bedroom with a bed to the left. The traditional idea of a bed in the middle of the room can work well in a large bedroom; but failed in smaller spaces. Here, the corner bed is a smart choice; if you can buy a bed with two headboards; then you have a more luxurious bedroom. Moving your existing bed to the corner also works well; if this is a climbing bed or loft; then you have more space to use.

Double corner bed for a small bedroom

Those who still keep the bed lying away from the corner; it is still possible to design a workspace in a small bedroom; using bedside tables; or free-floating beds to free up space under your feet. A bed with a low frame and ​​bed head​ the ceiling height also creates a feeling of spaciousness even in the middle of the bedroom.

Corner bed design ideas combine storage space with smart arrangement

Innovative screw head design and low bedside table for small bedrooms

The bed in the corner expands the space in the small bedroom

Shelves and shoe cabinets

Move out of bed and toward the closet; again it is open design; Wardrobe with glass doors looks better in a small bedroom. If you do not find it difficult to arrange and clean; then we recommend a wardrobe with frosted glass doors; or even mirrored doors to enhance the sense of spaciousness. An innovative and open shelving system is the next best option for those who don’t have the space or budget for a ​wardrobe​°larger with a dressing area.

Open wooden cabinets in red and black provide plenty of space for your entire wardrobe

Space-savvy clothes hangers for small bedrooms


Modern wardrobe with dressing area

Small bedroom lighting

Light in the small bedroom; involves creating different layers of illumination with each layer complementing the other. If you are a person who loves reading books about love; The flexible and slim light is indeed a practical choice.

The perfect tiling lanterns for those who love to read in bed

Tiny sleeps with small, round bedside table and lovely pendant

Lighting for a small bedroom with a large shelf space

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