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Prestige Interior Construction Company​experienced nearly 10 years of development; achieved many results, becoming a name chosen by many brands.

Realizing that the customer’s concept of beauty is increasing day by day, Prestige has brought into full play its ability and creative ideas to bring good values to each customer’s living space.

People who are passionate about their work

To have Prestige as it is today, it is impossible not to mention the enthusiastic and passionate staff who have brought unique and new works. Those are architects, construction engineers, interior design experts who are always dedicated to the profession of beautifying living spaces, as well as capturing the aesthetic changes in interior architecture.

Prestige - địa chỉ xây dựng và thiết kế nội thất uy tín

The interior design experts of Prestige always want to give customers a beautiful home space with unique creativity and personal impression of each owner. Always listening, putting the interests, needs and interests of customers first is the motto set forth by Prestige from the very beginning of the company’s establishment. Thanks to that, Prestige has always received the trust of customers during the past time.



Creativity goes hand in hand with perseverance

Another factor contributes significantly to the affirmation of the novelty of the engineers; That architect is a non-stop creativity; Perseverance to accomplish what the designer himself sets out to do.

Prestige - địa chỉ xây dựng và thiết kế nội thất uy tín

With that relentless creativity; ​Interior Construction​– Prestige always renews itself through many stages; various architectural works; for all types of spaces from large to small; from apartments to townhouses; From restaurants to spas, beauty salons… All new design styles; variety are updated by Prestige according to the development trend of the times. Space layout styles are shown in each period of the year; in accordance with customer tastes.

Enthusiasm for the beauty values for life

Prestige wishes to help families who are in need of improving their lives through living space. The company is confident to bring the best choice; suitable and affordable to the circumstances; location as well as the wishes and requirements of each family.

Prestige - địa chỉ xây dựng và thiết kế nội thất uy tín

Prestige is not just an ordinary prestigious interior builder; but also a place for you to share your dreams of a happy home.

The house is not just for shade; shelter from the rain but also a place for us to come back after tiring days at work. That’s the reason ​Interior Construction​– Prestige is always enthusiastic about works and dedicates herself to bringing good value to everyone’s living space.

6th Floor 42/34 Hoàng Diệu
Ward 12, District 4, Hochiminh City.


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