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This apartment belongs to a young person starting over the age of 30, an age that is not too young to have completely random choices, but not to the point of having rigid requirements for living space.

Interior design and construction of the apartment in the direction of modern spirit; having a good attitude; neat on a white background; greyish. And as to create a point of balance in this well-lit space; The designer has brought in a little inspiration of tropical style. Instead of making curtains like most houses today; Most of the glass door frames in the apartment are used with blinds. When the sun’s rays enter the house and shine on the floor; Projected on pots of green plants and familiar leather items… created a very pleasant visual effect.

Living room and kitchen

Homeowners also make requests for utilities and spaciousness and coolness as much as possible. The apartment is handed over with three bedrooms but based on the necessities of the present; the owner decided to renovate the space into two bedrooms; to increase the area for the living room and dining table to be expanded.

Living room connected to the dining area creating an open space full of light. The removal of the partition also contributes to the connection between the kitchen, dining table and living room, which can accommodate meetings of family and friends, sometimes up to 10 people.

Kitchen neat and tidy, fully equipped for cooking and serving for parties. The sink is arranged symmetrically on both sides, which also brings spaciousness and ease of operation when two people use it, combined with an eye-catching mini bar for this area.


Bedroom arranged for maximum usability. Oversized furniture increases comfort. One wall is covered with marble as a highlight, meaning to bring more natural materials into the room, creating a bit of contrast with the wood paneled wall at the head of the bed. Besides, the design still has consideration, focusing on the setbacks to create a pleasant feeling for the important functional space.

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Modern Style
The Sun Avenue Apartment - District 2
6th Floor 42/34 Hoàng Diệu
Ward 12, District 4, Hochiminh City.


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