NewsSpectacular way for young people who love to travel

The following design of Prestige will be a young, modern apartment, the owner has a hobby of traveling, a lot of furniture, and loves trees. Especially suitable for young people who are active and want to bring a lot of new things to their apartment.​

The apartment is designed with two bedrooms, a living room, and a separate office for those who need a quiet space. The model creates a rather novel house structure when many spaces are set up for many different purposes and especially respecting the privacy that the owner wants for family members.​

The blueprint of the house with many rooms for different purposes
Take a look at the detailed photos of this new apartment to see what new ideas will change the way Prestige has always applied to its designs.

The first difference is that the living room is smaller, but all the decorative furniture is arranged more. Trees and paintings are used a lot to highlight the homeowner’s novelty personality.

The open-plan kitchen is combined with the living room. Make it easy to move quickly after eating to keep up with the work schedule of the owner ​

The Japanese-inspired bedroom makes the space new and different from the usual architecture.

The office is also designed to be a multi-purpose room to serve all the needs of the family​

The bathroom is delicately decorated in harmony without leaving too many unnecessary items to create comfort​

The balcony area is used as a drying area

In short, this apartment is scored by the novelty and unique blend of Prestige never before. How to use green plants ​interior​ makes the space fresher. The multi-purpose multi-room construction is also a remarkable point because Prestige has always been faithful to minimalism and used every location for her apartment. However, with this work, Prestige proves that she not only follows the trail but always updates new trends to conquer more customers and enrich the collection of Prestige Interior.
6th Floor 42/34 Hoàng Diệu
Ward 12, District 4, Hochiminh City.


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